Circular Bending Machines

The circular bending machines serve for strength testing on specimens like round specimens and round rods as well as appropriate components.

Circular Bending Machines UBM


Circular Bending Machines are designed for strength tests according to DIN 50113 at specimens, like round specimens and round bars, as well as appropriate components, for instance camshafts. They are used for quality control and material testing.


  • UBM for round specimens with bending moments up to 20 Nm, 200 Nm, 500 Nm and 1000 Nm
  • UBM for round bars with a diameter of 3-40 mm and bending moments of 10-1000 Nm


  • Available as table device or stationary unit
  • Optionally with specimen heating up to 1000°C
  • Revolutions up to 6000 rpm possible
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