Testing Software

The testing machines of WPM do not only provide exact measurements, our intuitively designed testing software also allows you to evaluate and process them comprehensively.



ImpaSax is the best tool to acquire measured values and to generate reports and statistics for instrumented and not instrumented impact tests of pendulum impact testers and drop impact testers.


Beside the graphic display of measurement values, automatic algorithms are included to evaluate the measured values according to EN ISO 14556.

After each impact test, measured values are recorded automatically, given that there is a connection to the pendulum impact tester. Before each impact test, the specimen-specific information (specimen denomination, specimen temperature and position) can be adapted. The adapted information are applied for the next impact test, evaluated in a statistics and displayed in reports adapted to the requirements of the user.

Test & Motion


The testing software Test & Motion is applicable for almost all kinds of testing applications. It consists of basic software and over 70 user programs for tests of metal, plastics, textile, building materials, ceramics, paper, springs, glass and wood.


  • Basic software with simple adaptable tension/compression test and different modules
  • Based on MS Windows 10
  • Special programs for tests of the torsional moment, for tests with 2 and 3 axes as well as interface that can be programmed freely
  • Modules provide special calculation, which are displayed
  • Display of the data transmitted by the testing machine: force, traverse displacement, strain and defined signal input
  • Display of the measured results graphically as well as digital value


  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Individual configuration of tests by means of the tool Free Programming or Block Programming
  • Almost all standard evaluations directly available
  • Special applications are customized
  • All test reports and printouts freely definable
  • Integrated graphic with oscilloscope and envelope curve function
  • Results can be saved as ASCII file or Excel-Sheet
  • Integration of data from additional channels possible
  • Channels editable
  • Digital display of all channels
  • Display of the data as curve, also after the test
  • Fast and efficient testing


The testing software Test & Motion is available in 9 languages: German, English, Czech, Polish, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Russian

The user has the opportunity to change or complete the dictionary.

Test Graphics

Test Graphics



The testing software dynaSax3 is especially conceived to operate customized testing machines.


The operator window is clearly structured in functions. The testing software works under the operating system MS Windows.

The following types of tests are possible:

  • Continuous oscillation tests
  • Tests of programs in steps
  • Tests with external desired value
  • Static tests
  • Manually operated tests
  • Service load tests
  • Simulation of characteristic curves