WPM Leipzig assists you with fast and uncomplicated service. WPM Leipzig supports you with professional maintenance work, repairs, training and when calibrating your testing technology.

Maintenance and Calibration


High availability and efficient operation of testing rigs - those are the highest priorities in production and research and development. Therefore, we recommend to carefully maintaining your machine machine. This contributes relevantly to guaranteeing accuracy and reproducibility of the measured results.

Our regular maintenance service makes sure your testing rig can be operated for a long time and you save trouble and avoid costs due to unplanned repair or premature new acquisitions. We offer our customers long-time maintenance contracts for testing technology produced by WPM.


Of course, our testing technolgy is calibrated at our premises before delivery. By calibrating your testing machine regularly, you make sure your testing machine works with constant quality. We also check your machine to prepare for official calibration and, if necessary, repair your machine. If desired, we prepare more inexpensive manufacturer’s certificates.