Automotive Technology

To guarantee the highest quality, WPM Leipzig offers you as manufacturer of cars or supplier specifically adapted testing technology.

Shock Absorber Testing Machines

WPM Leipzig offers shock absorber test rigs with servo-hydraulic or electromechanical drive for dynamic tests of shock absorbers. The measurements are acquired and evaluated with displacement, force and speed.

Servo-hydraulic Shock Absorber Testing Machine 50H

The test rig consists of a machine frame of two columns with

  • a servo-hydraulic test cylinder mounted at the lower tabletop (nominal force 25 kN, nominal stroke 400 mm, integrated displacement sensor)
  • a force transducer mounted at the upper crosshead

By means of an operating panel at the machine frame, the cross head and the position of the piston stroke are adjusted manually. The shock absorber test is carried out in vertical position of the machine frame.

Servo-hydraulic Shock Absorber Testing Machine SDP 25H

The shock absorber is fixed at the testing cylinder piston and at the force transducer by means of a bifurcate fixing with bolt receivers for the corresponding size of the shock absorber.

  • Max. test speed: 4 m/s
  • Machine frame of two culomns with testing cylinder at the bottom
  • With noise insulation chamber
  • With integrated displacement sensor
  • With force transducer DMS
  • With 2 servo-valves
  • Adjustable stroke
  • Nominal force: ± 25 kN

Electromechanical Shock Absorber Testing Machine SDP 15

  • Test load: 15 kN
  • Max. length: 880 mm
  • Max. mass: 8 kg
  • Test frequencies: max. 8 Hz
  • Test speed: max. 1.2 m/s
  • Adjustable stroke: up to 100 mm