Measurement Service

Various types of stress loads arise at mobile work machines, passenger and commercial vehicles. Each component should be dimensioned the way that operating loads don’t compromise their function. In any case it is necessary to know the loads. In order to determine loads, we offer various types of measurement service.

Determination of operating loads

  • Strain gauge application at components
  • Sensor application in vehicles and mobile machines
  • Mobile measurements
  • Laboratory measurements

Measurement of wheel forces at a telehoist load lugger

Strain Gauge Applications

Stress measurement point at a carbon fibre component

Stress measurement point at a suspension arm

Sensor applications

Strain gauge measurement transducer for special applications, especially for multiaxial recording of forces and torques

Load measurements at the power-plant suspension system of a car

Using 3K sensors at the axis of an agricultural machine

Mobile Measurements

  • Work machines, passenger and commercial vehicles
  • QuantumX
  • DMCplus, HBM
  • Measurement via telemetry
  • BEAM or DIA