Professionally and adapted to your requirements

With modernizations of WPM always up to date!

If your testing machine or rig is mechanically working well, but the control and evaluation system is obsolete or does not meet your demands anymore, we solve your problem – by our professional modernization!

We not only modernize products of WPM Leipzig, but also non-WPM products and we only use components and assemblies from well-known manufacturers, considering your special requirements.

You save up to 60% of the costs in comparison to buying a new machine!

Pendulum impact tester PS 30 before modernization

Pendulum impact tester PS 30 before modernization

Pendulum impact tester PS 30 with enclosure and concrete foundation

Pendulum impact tester PS 30 with enclosure and concrete foundation

Modernization of Pendulum Impact Testers


  • Renewed lift controller and application of a more powerful motor
  • Refitting of the magnetic coupling to an electro-magnetic brake mechanism, providing more safety
  • Electric safety release of the pendulum

Digitalization of Measurement Recording and Output

  • The installation of an incremental transducer and a digital controller significantly improves the stability of function of measurement and regulation of the test procedure.
  • With the renewed data interface (Ethernet) it is possible to connect a computer. With the computer and the software ImpaSax, acquisition, calculation, archiving and transfer of the test results can be carried out. The integration in an in-house quality management system is therefore guaranteed.

Upgrade to Latest Safety Standards according to DIN 51233

Older pendulum impact testers, e.g. PSW 300 or PS 30, can be upgraded by WPM to meet the safety requireements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and DIN 51233.

The pendulum Impact tester is equipped with a safety enclosure with door which iselectrically locked during the test. After checking, the door is not released before the pendulum hammer is in secure position without movement.
Thanks to this safety upgrade, the pendulum impact tester can get a CE sign.


  • Complete safety enclosure with safety door
  • Transparent polycarbonate (high impact strength) in aluminum frame
  • Door lockings
  • Emergency stop button
Modernized EU 40

Modernized EU 40

Modernized 2 MN deadweight force standard machine

Modernized 2 MN deadweight force standard machine

Modernization of Tensile Compression Testing Machines

New components are used:

  • Hydraulic unit/electro-mechanic drive
  • Inserted control valve at the hydraulic unit
  • Retrofitting of a new hydraulic clamping device
  • Replaced load cell/force transducer
  • Installation of a new  electronic position measuring system
  • Replaced measuring and control device
  • PC and software for WINDOWS (optional)

Your modernized testing machine offers:

  • Comfortable operation
  • Constant measurement results
  • Interface for test report printout
  • User-friendly evaluation of measurement results with PC
  • Individual adaptation to your testing issues
  • High resolution of measured values (corresponding to latest technical development)
  • Test control with force, displacement, elongation (can be switched without shock during the test)
  • Framework programming with selectable increasing and stop time

By modernizing your testing machine, alle requirements according to EN ISO7500-1 concerning force measurement unit and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 concerning calibration and testing possibilities are fulfilled.

Example: 2 MN deadweight force standard machine

  • Generating force by standard weights
  • Automated calibration cycle
  • Renewed hydraulic system
  • Application of a digital control