Second-hand Machines

As good-value alternative, we always offer renewed second-hand machines.

Hardness Tester HPO 250

  • With optical evaluation
  • For tests based on Brinell and Vickers

Hardness Tester HPO 3000

  • Refurbished hardness tester
  • For Brinell tests of all kinds of metals according to EN ISO 6506-1
  • Application of test force according to DIN EN ISO 6501-1
  • Updated control and fuse Panel
  • With ocular measuring microscope, magnification 25-fold
  • Load stage 750 kg or 3000 kg
  • With precision carbide ball (with DAkkS certificate)

Hardness Tester HP 250

  • Second-hand, checked hardness tester
  • Desk device for Rockwell tests according to EN ISO 6508-1
  • Load stage: 150 kp (including 9.81 N preload)
  • Largest clamping height: 200 mm
  • Maximum weight of the specimen: 100 kg
  • Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Dimensions: 480 x 220 x 720 mm
  • Weight: 115 kg
  • Including indenter Rockwell (with DAkkS certificate) 

Hardness Tester HM 1810

  • Refurbished hardness tester HM 1810 with digital display
  • Tabletop device to determine the Rockwell hardness of steel and metals of all sorts according to EN ISO 6508
  • Load stages: 612.9 and 1839 N
  • Specimen height max. 250 mm
  • Specimen weight max. 100 kg
  • Digital measured value display (3-digit)
  • Required space: 230 x 570 x 800 mm
  • Net weight: 120 kg

Pendulum Impact Tester PW 30 Wolpert


The pendulum impact tester PW 30 of the company Wolpert corresponds to the technical conditions of DIN EN 10045 part 1 to determine the impact energy by Charpy on metal specimens. The pendulum impact tester has a hammer with potential energy of 300 J.

  • Frame consisting of an anvil bed and two columns
  • Pendulum mounted in ball bearings with very low friction
  • Hammer lifting by means of a hand wheel (worm gear)
  • Manual release of the pendulum by two-hand operation at the lifting arm
  • Manual mechanical pendulum brake
  • Measurement device to indicate the consumed energy by a trailing pointer on a round scale
  • With manual specimen centering
  • Including striker (radius 2 mm)
  • Including anvil with support for specimens 10 x 10 x 55 mm

Pressure Testing Machine EDT 1600

  • Modernized
  • Test force: 1600 kN
  • With digital evaluation and control unit

Force Measurement Dynamometric Bridle

  • mechanic force measurement dynamometric bridle