Universal Testing Machines

Due to their modular design, the universal testing machines of WPM are versatile for material testing in tensile, compression and bending tests.

Universal Testing Machines UPC


The universal testing machine UPC is designed for static examinations of tension, compression and bending, according to the general guidelines of accuracy class 1 based on DIN EN 10 002-1, DIN 51 220 as well as DIN EN ISO 7500-1.


600, 1000, 1200, 2000 kN


  • Basic equipment: machine frame, testing cylinder with integrated displacement transducer, force transducer, hydraulic unit and control device
  • Stroke (standard) 200 mm
  • Testing machines with forces over 2000 kN on demand
  • Continuously adjustable crosshead with hydraulic clamping
  • Hydraulic parallel clamping device
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