Dynamic Testing Machines

The dynamic testing machines of WPM serve for material and component testing and can be adapted to your special requirements.

SHM 25

SHM 25

Dynamic Testing Machines


Our dynamic testing machines in modular design are used for material and component testing, e.g. in the construction industry. They can be adapted to individual requirements thanks to the modular design principle. Different sizes and designs of machine frame and clamping devices for tensile, compression and bending tests as well as special specimen bearings are available.


  • Further developed testing cylinder series with considerably improved dynamics and operating safety (hydrostatic bearing, free of hysteresis in dynamic operation with changing loads, service-friendly due to wear-free use, highest manufacturing precision results in small guide play, little leakage oil, long service life, loadable with high shear forces)
  • Load cell: We use robust universal load cells to measure static and dynamic tensile and compression loads in combination with a digital measurement electronics.
  • Hydraulic units with modern technical solutions, fulfilling all requirements for a reliable and effective operation of servo-hydraulic testing Systems
  • Equipment to switch on and off for single- and multi-channel rigs
  • Hydraulic parallel clamping device: The clamping system can be used for static tests on round and flat specimens as well as for dynamic tests with zero-crossing. The clamping device is designed as hydraulically working open parallel clamping, only with horizontal clamping movement. Thanks to the parallel clamping, the specimens are clamped without any vertical movement, i.e., without pre-clamping forces.
  • Digital modular measurement and control electronics, based on a multi-processor system
  • User-friendly Windows interface


SHM 5-25

  • For static and dynamic loads with static, swelling or changing curve
  • Tension, compression and bending tests
  • Test frame force dynamic: 25 kN
  • Continuously adjustable crosshead with manual clamping

SHM 50-1000

  • For static and dynamic loads
  • Tension, compression and bending tests
  • Test frame force dynamic: 50-1000 kN
  • Continuously adjustable crosshead with hydraulic clamping