Testing Rigs for Railway Technology

Whether you want to test railroad switches or springs - we are your partner for quality and safety in railway technology.

Dynamic Testing Rig for Railroad Switches


The servo-hydraulic testing rig for railroad switches serves to examine the elastomer-dynamic behaviour of railroad switches with high driving speed.


  • Dynamic test of vibration-reducing railroad switches by loading the complete construction
  • Test of the elastomer-dynamic behaviour of railroad switch elements with high driving speeds
  • Highly dynamic controlled simulation of stress of a railroad switch caused by high-speed trains.

Servo-hydraulic Testing Rig for Railway Vehicle Dampers and Buffers


This testing machine is designed for pressure and tension loading of specimens in different design and size.


  • Load: max. 1500 kN
  • Load type: cyclical loading
  • Test frequency: max. 5 Hz
  • The testing cylinder is mounted at the crosshead of the test rig frame hanging downwards
  • Crosshead and testing cylinder adjustable in three axes
  • Flexibility: In order to fix different specimens, the clamping plate is equipped with T-slots. The crosshead can be adjusted in steps. The testing cylinders mounted at the crosshead can be moved in cross direction. For testing cylinders, which are not used, a special storage place for testing cylinders is provided.
  • High measurement accuracy: For load measurement, load cells of highest quality and accuracy class are used.
  • High performance: A hydraulic unit with radial piston pumps supplies the testing cylinders. For cooling and filtering a circulation pump is installed. By means of a separate pump, the crosshead can be lifted and lowered.
  • Comfortable operation: The height of the crosshead is adjusted by hydraulic cylinders in the columns, controlled by the operating panel. The clamping plate can be moved with the specimen on the machine foot.
  • High-quality control with intelligent measurement recording and evaluation: The control device is equipped with a high-performance electronics, remarkable for its high resolution of measurands, a bus system for extension cards as well as a high computing capacity.

Spring Collar Remove Press


The spring collar remove press of WPM serves to disassemble regenerative leaf springs of trains. The press can be used for leaf springs with a total length of  1800 mm at maximum and a width of 60 mm, 90 mm and 120 mm.


Forces of the wedge on the spring:

  • Nominal force: 500 kN
  • Nominal stroke: 1000 mm

Lifting the spring assembly:

  • Nominal force: 250 kN
  • Nominal stroke: 500 mm

Production throughput in continuous operation: 50 springs per shift

Spring Roll Sheet Bending Machine


This machine serves to rework the spring layers of leaf springs used in landing gears of track or road vehicles.

The spring leafs are rolled to achieve the desired bend and spring pre-load. Afterwards, all sping leafs are assembled to a complete spring.


Two rollers mounted in anti-friction bearing, which are driven by a gear motor with a brake, are in a frame. On the other side of the rollers, the pressure roller mounted at a slide, is situated. The hydraulic cylinder moves the slide and produces the necessary bending force. This is a friction-less driven differential cylinder with leakage-free sealing.

  • Nominal force: 800 kN
  • Speed control of piston stroke speed
  • Control of roller rotations and at the same time the speed of the leaf spring: max. 1200 mm spring deflection in 10 seconds



Spring Testing Machine


The spring testing machines of WPM are used for quasi-static tests of screw and leaf springs.

The following tests can be carried out:

  • Test of axial spring deflection
  • Short-time elasticity test
  • Test of deflection and steering direction and power measurement
  • Test of size and rotation of deflection
  • Test of cross rate


  • Spring testing machines for test forces up to 400 kN (600 kN possible) of accuracy class 0.5
  • Spring load in direction of longitudinal axis of the spring and in all cross directions
  • Equipped with force and displacement sensors together with freely programmable digital control
  • Automatic programmed tests and evaluation
  • Basic version for screw springs with a weight of 200 kg, a free spring height of 1200 mm and an outer diameter of 650 mm
  • Ends of the spring can be moved laterally under load to up to 200 mm in every direction
  • Lateral forces up to 150 kN
  • Key values can be customized
  • Full support of EN 13298:2003 (standard for tests of screw springs for track vehicles)