Automotive Technology

To guarantee the highest quality, WPM Leipzig offers you as manufacturer of cars or supplier specifically adapted testing technology.

Stabilizer Testing Rig


The Test Rig for Automobile Sway Bars of WPM is mainly used with dynamic fatigue tests of automobile sway bars.


The testing rig consists of the following functional modules

  • Clamping foundation as base plate (made out of special cast iron with steel additive, vibration-isolated)
  • Load generator designed as a chain (2 hydraulic testing cylinders with integrated displacements sensor, servo valve and hydraulic fluid storage, can be adjusted in transverse direction)
  • Power generator (hydraulic power pack with housing), especially developed for demands of servo-hydraulic testing
  • Control system, including software
  • Specimen clamping and Adaption
  • 2 stabilizers can be tested at the same time with special adaptations