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Construction Kit System



The construction kits developed by WPM allow assembling different supporting structures in short time. These supporting structures are usable as:

  • Devices for all production areas
  • Devices for strength tests
  • Measuring devices


The construction kit system consists of 5 individual construction sets: three construction kits type SPR have an adjustable raster and two construction kits type SPS, which are gradually adjustable. All construction kits are compatible among each other with adapter elements.





  • Simplicity

  • Modular construction

  • High stiffness and therefore low testing costs

  • Easy assembling

  • Free play of the connections

  • Compatibility

  • Reusability


Construction Kit System

  SPR400 SPR200 SPR100 SPS80 SPS40
Profile welded structure hollow profile hollow profile pipe pipe
Section modulus bending 2500 cm³ 608 cm³ 108 cm³ 35 cm³ 5 cm³
Section modulus torsion 3300 cm³ 1080 cm³ 191 cm³ 69 cm³ 11 cm³
Weight 220 kg/m 100 kg/m 33 kg/m 18 kg/m 5 kg/m
Max. test force (standard value) 250 (400) kN 100 kN 30 kN 25 kN 5kN
Raster/adjustability 100 x 100 mm in steps 100 x 100 mm in steps 50 x 50 mm in steps 50 x 50 mm on the node elements continuously 50 x 50 mm on the node elements continuously
Connection element in the construction kit tie rod M20 tie rod M20 screw M12 & tie rod M12 screw M12 clamping connection screw M12 clamping connection