WPM Leipzig assists you with fast and uncomplicated service. WPM Leipzig supports you with professional maintenance work, repairs, training and when calibrating your testing technology.

Maintenance and Repair of testing machines


High availability and efficient operation of testing rigs - those are the highest priorities in production and research and development. Therefore, we recommend to carefully maintaining your testing machine. This contributes relevantly to guaranteeing accuracy and reproducibility of the measured results.

Our regular maintenance service makes sure your testing rig can be operated for a long time and you save trouble and avoid costs due to unplanned repair or premature new acquisitions. You also significantly reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises during calibration. Go safe!


In case of faults or failures with your testing machine, we are available for you by phone or email. We make an appointment with you for necessary repair at your premises. Our engineers have a wide range of experience and knowledge and are very familiar with most of the machines in detail, as they participated in constructing the machines.

Training for testing machines

Our highly qualified engineers train your personnel when the machine is delivered. We offer in-house training or directly at your premises for every machine. So, you make sure your testing machine is operated professionally.

Calibration of testing machines

Of course, our testing technology is checked before delivery. By calibrating your testing machine regularly, you make sure your testing machine works with constant quality. For this reason, Kögel Werkstoff- und Materialprüfsysteme GmbH is DAkkS-accredited. Get a quote for calibrating your testing machine.

Spare Parts

We deliver the whole range of wear and spare parts for all common testing machines of WPM in original quality and guarantee an individual service for spare parts. We also have spare parts for many old machines. Thanks to our spare parts service, we help to minimize possible downtime and the resulting loss of production.



Anvil inserts

Anvil inserts

Hardness reference blocks

Hardness reference blocks

Clamping plates

Clamping plates

Wear Parts

Pendulum Impact Tester

  • Striker according to ISO and ASTM
  • Support
  • Anvil inserts

Hardness Tester HM 1810 and HM 1830

  • Diamant Rockwell with DAkkS calibration certificate
  • Hardness reference block Rockwell with DAkkS calibration certificate

Hardness Tester HP 250

Hardness Tester HPO 250

Hardness Tester HPO 3000

Tensile/Compression Testing Machine

  • Clamping plates
  • Clamping strips
  • Guide plate
  • Pressure/oil filter
  • Diagram paper